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Toy Shop in George

We have an extensive range of toys available –

everything from Educational to Fun …

Visit us at Shop 38,

Eden Meander Lifestyle Centre in George

044 011 0013

Eden Toys toy shop in George www.edentoys.co.za

We are stockists of


Eden Toys toy shop in George www.edentoys.co.za

Qualatex Balloons are made from natural latex and is therefore bio-degradable.


Research has shown that the decomposition time for latex balloons are about at the same rate as an oak leaf.

Eden Toys toy shop in George www.edentoys.co.za

About Us at Eden Toys

Eden Toys is a fabulous toy shop filled to the brim with a multitude of carefully selected educational toys.

Research in child development has shown that play activities enhance every aspect of a child’s mental and physical growth.  Preschool age is the time when children start interacting with their surroundings and gain valuable knowledge in the process.

The stage is marked by a dominant urge to explore and learn. Preschool toys are vital tools in developing this sense of exploration and learning. When children play with preschool toys, they learn basic motor skills.

Play also helps to improve their visual and auditory senses, improves  memory and increases concentration levels and improves the child’s innate cognitive abilities.


Eden Toys is inspired by the passion to provide preschool children in both the school and home environments with stimulating toys and games that will absorb children in learning whilst playing.

Our educational toys also aim at developing essential social and personal skills that eventually help in the overall development of children.

We offer a wide range of branded educational toys: puzzles; building blocks; games and toys developed to teach and improve literacy and numeracy; arts and crafts; Lego or Duplo blocks; dress up costumes; puppets; board games; lacing cards; pretend kitchen and play accessories; play dough and much, much more – all at affordable prices!

Come Visit Us

Eden Toys is situated within the Eden Meander Lifestyle Centre in George at Shop 38.  The centre is located on Knysna Road just off the N2.

+27(0)44 011 0013


Our Brands

LOL Surprise Eden Toys www.edentoys.co.za
Top Model Eden Toys www.edentoys.co.za
Melissa and Doug Eden Toys www.edentoys.co.za
Nerf Eden Toys www.edentoys.co.za
Surfer Dudes Eden Toys www.edentoys.co.za
Sylvanian Families
Ravensburger Puzzles Eden Toys www.edentoys.co.za
Plus Plus Eden Toys www.edentoys.co.za
Hot Wheels Eden Toys www.edentoys.co.za
Orb Squishies Eden Toys www.edentoys.co.za
Go Go Po Eden Toys www.edentoys.co.za
Disney Baby Eden Toys www.edentoys.co.za